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Market-Leading brand portfolio–Truworths

Truworths owns a portfolio of market-leading fashion clothing and footwear brands, offering some of South Africa’s most sought-after ladieswear, menswear and kidswear.

Customers are offered premium-quality curated and tasteful fashion ranges across a diversified portfolio of aspirational brands that appeal to the different lifestyles of youthful, fashionable South Africans. In addition, the business also owns a premium homeware brand.

Truworths’ brand strategy

Core to Truworths’ brand strategy is the focus on continuing to grow and develop exclusive and highly sought-after in-house brands. These brands are complemented by a small collection of specialist third-party licensed brands.

Each brand in the Truworths portfolio has a clearly defined profile and a documented description of the DNA which ensures the merchandise has a distinctive signature. The portfolio of brands then comes together across lifestyles to create a unique and compelling customer offering. These descriptions are used by the merchandise buying teams to guide them in their product selection process and in how the brands are visually presented in stores, windows and digitally.

Major international fragrance and cosmetics brands are offered in a uniquely curated environment, Elements. Additionally, Truworths offers fashionable fine jewellery, sunglasses and watches, comprising exclusively designed merchandise as well as leading fashion brands, and also offers a range of cellular devices.

Truworths constantly reviews its portfolio of brands to identify new merchandise opportunities across the customer spectrum and plans to launch one new brand and relaunch three other brands in the next year.

Expanding brand portfolio

Truworths and Truworths Man are the core brands. They are supported by a range of internally developed mainstream brands that make up the emporium: Inwear (launched in 1986), Truworths Jewellery (1989), LTD (1992), Truworths Elements (1999), Ginger Mary (2004) and Hey Betty (2011).

Emporium stores include several other smaller brands which are essential to the variety of lifestyles that Truworths offers to satisfy customers’ needs. These include well-established brands such as Outback Red, Hemisphere, Finnigans, Skiny, TRS, Trench and TRNY.

Daniel Hechter, the French designer brand, has been offered under an exclusive long-term licence agreement since 1984.

Identity, launched in 1999, offers a range of young, affordable and trendy merchandise for the fashion-aware and value-conscious youth market. The chain only operates from stand-alone stores. ID Kids was introduced in 2019 offering boys’ and girls’ collections for 2 to 10-year olds and this range will be expanded to cater for 9 to 14-year olds in the coming year.

Office London, the South African offering of the UK fashion footwear brand owned by the Group, was launched in 2017. The brand offers a wide selection of third-party branded athleisure footwear complemented by a limited selection of in-house designed own-brand fashion footwear and apparel.

Context was introduced in 2019 to offer a range of exclusive Truworths fashion, beauty and homeware for discerning female customers.

Expansion through acquisition

Organic expansion of the brand portfolio has been complemented by the acquisition of the following brands:

  • Italian-inspired menswear brand Uzzi (2006)
  • Ladieswear brand Earthaddict (2015)
  • Kidswear brands Earthchild and Naartjie (2015)
  • Homeware and linen retailer Loads of Living (2017)

In 2003 the Group acquired Young Designers Emporium (YDE), an agency business showcasing clothing, footwear and accessory brands of emerging fashion designers in South Africa. YDE operates from stand-alone stores and is not included in emporium stores as the brand targets a different customer profile to Truworths.

Specialist brand emporium stores

The Truworths Emporium store enables customers to shop for Truworths’ multiple fashion brands in a single location. The emporium store concept has evolved with the expansion of the brand portfolio and customers have access to four specialist branded emporiums within the Truworths Emporium:

  • Truworths Ladieswear Emporium
  • Truworths Menswear Emporium
  • Truworths Ladieswear Designer Emporium
  • Truworths Kids Emporium

The Truworths portfolio of brands and specialist branded emporium stores offer an enticement to youthful and fashionable consumers to shop for quality apparel merchandise of international styling and standard.

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