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Our Business Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy is our DNA

It fundamentally describes who we are. It is the heart and soul of our business that drives our operating philosophies, principles and decision-making. We have a universal, clear understanding of our DNA – it is what makes us unique, differentiates us from our competitors and makes our business impossible to replicate.

Our leaders play an essential role in ensuring that we remain true to our DNA. We believe in and actively practise our core beliefs.

We understand that success in fashion retail is ‘a marathon and not a sprint’, and that over time and with consistent and ongoing application of our Business Philosophy, the business will continue its success.

We create the platform and environment for teams and individuals to deliver our Purpose and live our Values so that we are able to deliver on our stakeholders’ expectations.

We practise constructive leadership, which is a blend of an unusual capacity for realistic optimism, an ability to find solutions and opportunities in adversity, and an ability to communicate and implement a vision to the business.

By knowing and understanding the uniqueness of who we are, it becomes easier to internalise and gain a true understanding of our Business Philosophy.

Our Purpose

Youthful fashionable South Africans want to look attractive and feel successful and confident. Truworths entices them into exciting and visually appealing aspirational real and virtual retail emporiums, which are staffed by passionate and knowledgeable team members and which offer wide ranges of curated and tasteful fashion of superb quality and intrinsic value. The ranges of unique aspirational fashionable brands are an innovative and adventurous blend of colour, fabric and fashion styling.

Office aims to be the world authority on fashionable footwear by offering a broad curated range of the latest ‘in-demand’ styles in an environment that our teams all contribute to making an out-of-this-world experience for our customers.

Our Values

Our Vision


‘Truworths helps me look attractive and feel successful and confident. Shopping at Truworths is exciting because it offers wide ranges of curated and tasteful fashion of superb quality and intrinsic value in retail emporiums that are visually appealing and are staffed by passionate and knowledgeable staff.’


‘I love shopping at Office because I trust that they will help me look fashionable and be well informed on international fashion footwear trends. Office creates a world-class experience and is staffed by fashion footwear experts.’


‘I am totally committed because my team members and I are encouraged to contribute innovatively, and celebrate and reward excellence in contribution.’


‘We are long-term investors in Truworths International because we trust in management’s capacity to execute innovative strategies which deliver significant value over time.’