Our History

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The Alliance Trading Company opened its first store in South Africa. Photo bubble
Photo bubble Name changed to Truworths Fashion House.
The opening of the second Truworths store.
Manufacturing of merchandise in South Africa. Photo bubble
Photo bubble Opening of 50 stores.
Introduction of Credit.
Milestone of R1 million in sale merchandise.
Opening of TRU Boutique stores. Photo bubble
Photo bubble Growth from 80 to 280 specialised boutique stores.
Formation of WoolTru Group.
Daniel Hechter, Inwear, Truworths Man and Fine Jewellery are launched.
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Photo bubble Elements cosmetics, LTD & Identity are launched.
"Made in the World" is launched.
Truworths International listed on the JSE.
Mr Mark becomes MD of Truworths.
Truworths International unbundles from Wooltru Group.
The first MAC cosmetics format within a Truworths store.
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Photo bubble Acquisition of 75% of YDE for R26 million.
Emporium store concept introduced.
Ginger Mary eclectic clothing brand is launched.
YDE and Identity launch credit.
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Photo bubble Introduced promotional line "For the Love of Fashion".
Acquisition of the remaining 25% of YDE for R26 million.
Truworths reached 300 stores.
Achieves R3.1 billion in sale of merchandise.
Operating profit exceeds R1 billion.
Lucia Rosati Italian ladieswear brand is launched.
First Ginger Mary concept store.
Acquired 51% of Uzzi for R29 million.
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Photo bubble Identity reaches 100 stores.
Dividends for the period exceed 100 cents per share.
Number of stores exceed 450.
The remaining 49% of Uzzi is acquired for R65 million.
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Photo bubble Sale of merchandise exceeds R6.2 billion.
Operating profit exceeds R2 billion.
Account base exceeds 1.8 million active customers.
Sales merchandise past R7b.
Operating profit of R2.4b.
Active cardholder base of 2m.
Group now the largest fashion retailer by market cap & part of the JSE top 40.
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Photo bubble Wealth created in 2011 R4.5 billion.
Winner of the Emerging Market Retailer of the year at the 2010 World Retail Awards.
2nd year in the JSE Top 40 Index.
Operating margin at 36%.
Headline earnings per share up 21%.
Total dividend per share up 31%.
3rd consecutive year in the JSE Top 40 Index.
4th consecutive year of inclusion in the JSE.
Socially Responsible Investment Index.
Sale of merchandise up 21%.
Operating margin at 36.1%.
Gross margin at 56.7%.
Headline earnings per share up 16%.
Annual dividend per share up 24%.
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Photo bubble The Group's store footprint increases to 604 stores.
Retail sales reach R10 billion.
The Group's success in managing the risk of fashion during the financial period is reflected in the competitive increase in retail sales of 10.7%, achieving a gross margin of 56.6% and continued growth in both ladieswear and menswear clothing market share.
Sale of merchandise increased by 7.1% to R10.8 billion.
Restricted credit granting limited new account growth.
Truworths was rated number one in the country for customer service in the Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards.
The readers of the Sunday Times voted Identity as the coolest brand in South Africa.
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Photo bubble The Group's credit customer base exceeds 3.2 million customers (2.7 million of which are active account customers).
The Group owns aspirational brands and uses credit as an enabler of sales of quality fashion, at medium to premium prices, to its customers.
Sales of merchandise up by 8% to R11.3 million.
Gross margin at 55.2%.
Truworths purchases Naartjie, Earthchild, and Earthaddict.
Expanded into northern hemisphere retail market with R5.5 billion acquisition of Office footwear chain in the United Kingdom (UK) in December 2015.
Good customer response to merchandise ranges in Truworths, resulting in higher sales growth and stable gross margin.
Introduction of new affordability assessment regulations in South Africa reduced credit sales by at least R200 million.
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